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Sunday, October 04, 2009

argh! another pair which i want so badly!
and its onli 21 pounds!!!

my mum's going to start nagging again and ask me to give away my old ones!

my AL's over and its back to wrk tmr!
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

congrats to my best bud! :)
it must have been totally crazy for all the preparations but nevertheless,
it must have been worth it!

seeing the pretty wedding pics, it makes me wana get married soon
i can probably just take wedding pictures and ACT as if im going to get married

no one can steal the limelight frm the beau!
pretty pretty! :)

i've disappeared for quite awhile
nth much to update coz life's been wrk home slp.
not to mention, the time i spend on sprees at home

i finally did my hair!
6 hours i sat on the chair!
6 hours is like almost one day of wrk!!

i found new love!!
im still debating with myself if i shld get it anot!
shoes fetish
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

my pri sch BBQ was supposely to be tmr but i turned up @ punggol park today!
omg la!!
its not the 1st time im getting mixed up with events n their days back n forth!
thank goodness its @ punggol park, not somewher far

poor mr. Polar bear had to come all the way frm katib to my place den get disappointed coz no FREEEE food.
was supposed to b my
fret not, tmr will be the correct day.

okay, at least i accompanied him WALKING to and forth to RIVERVALE PLAZA for dinner.
yes, walked!!!
jus last weekend, we walked frm heartland mall @ kovan to my place!
hurrays to to my personal bus 11

pig brain soup?
i'll tink abt it!
i seriously need memory boosters!
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Saturday, August 01, 2009

happy nurses day!

there was too much junk food on friday!
total of 4 cakes, pizzas, many more.
we need not starve.

i love generous doctors.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

i dint die!
im just too tired, lazy to blog

oh btw, i've set up an LJ blog solely for ranting about wrk.
kinda private, so if REALLY interested, can TRY to pm me

wad to expect..
working life is not always so smooth sailing
i do miss sch ton-y lots!

oh anw,
recently, i noticed tat i seem to have sandals fetish
i look, alot, at the kinda sandals ppl wear, online, i shop for sandals and it just never gets enough!
a pity i cant wear covered shoes coz my 2 darm feet get freaking blisters too easily.

my Urban outfitters top is OOS! damn sad.
it was such a gd bargain!

F21 updated on its sale section again!
goodie goodie.

i can never stop my fingers when the piece of cloth is just a click away!

oh yes, its pay day again!!
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

i've beeen tooo busy to blog!
so much tinks to settle, have barely enough slp these nights
working life does sux.
takes away my whole life,
looking on the brighter side, its actually quite good coz time really flies!
its another weekend again :)

i only got 1 n a half day off of the whole week.
still trying to get used to it + learning all the OT equiptments can really make my hair go all white overnight!

when was my graduation date again?
omg la, my STM is really getting frm bad to worst
if im not wrong, it was on the 26/5/09

a pity YW culdnt join us.

anw, NYP's rental of gown cost $28.7 where else NP's only cost $6
wtf -.-
they earn so much.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

woke up early, it was supposedly to be a fine sunday
we cabbed down to the swimming complex, save time walking.

however, a series of unlucky events were installed for me.

1st: found out i forgot to bring my tankini when i went to the toilet to change
2nd: stripped totally and found out that the shower head was not working
3rd: changed a cubicle, tested the shower, it was too big. water was all over my clothes

just great! totally not my day..

so much for making fun of an uncle who shouted at his wife for not bring sth along when he reminded her earlier... LOL
but nvm, at least <3 dint scold me.
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